TTCS is a fully-featured temperature control system. Among those features are:

  • Constant real-time temperature monitoring
  • Visual and audio alarms, for both high and low temperatures, configurable per silo
  • Full temperature history
  • Built on cutting-edge technology, the user interface is based entirely on HTML5 and works in any modern browser, including smartphones and tablets and accesible through LAN / internet
  • Easy to extend due to its scalable design
  • Integration with TPLC

TTCS consists of the following modules:

  • TTCS-server
    This is the web server and historian module. Only one is installed in a system. If a TPLC controller is used for the plant's control logic, then both systems share a single TTCS-server module.
    It interfaces with multiple TTCS-concentrator modules over MODBUS / RS422 / Cat5 FTP to acquire current temperature values. Provides a multi-level user system to allow different users to view temperature, history, or change system settings. All user interaction is in a web browser, making the system cross-platform and accessible.
  • TTCS-concentrator
    This module provides the connection between TTCS-server and up to 8 or 16 temperature probes, each of them containing up to 30 digital sensors. It is powered through its data cable (Cat.5 FTP) following POE- 802.3af (802.3at Type 1) standard, so no extra power supply cable is needed. Supports both 3 and 2-wire (parasitic power supply) probes.
  • Temperature probe cable
    A probe consisting of multiple temperature sensors. Multiple probes connect to one TTCS-concentrator.


  • Real-time monitoring
    Graphical visualization of silo temperature and problem zones. Optional audio alarm if such zones are detected. (see screenshot)
  • History
    Graphical visualization of the minimum/average/maximum values of all sensors in a silo for a specified period of time. Quickly adjustable and intuitive. (see screenshot)
  • User management
    User manager with 4 user levels. All access is logged and accounted for.
  • System log
    Various events such as user login are logged to the system database. Each event type requires a certain user level to be viewed. Category and search filters are available when viewing the log.

A demonstration can be seen as part of the TPLC demo.

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