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MODBUS-compliant board supporting 2 incremental rotary controllers and 4 additional logic inputs.
See description for details.

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TAIO-15-1 module can provide any PLC system with one analog input and one analog output, both in the range of 0-10V and both isolated from the communication bus as well as from the input power supply.

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TTCS е система за термоконтрол на зърнобази. Възможностите ѝ включват:

  • Следене на температурата в реално време
  • Визуални и аудио аларми за прекалено висока / ниска температура. Праговете се конфигурират на ниво силоз.
  • Пълна история на температурата
  • Потребителският интерфейс е изцяло HTML5 базиран, което го прави достъпен през всеки модерен уеб браузър, включително през мобилни устройства, както и през интернет
  • Поради скалируемия си дизайн системата е лесно разширима
  • Поддържа интеграция с TPLC
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TTCS is a fully-featured temperature control system. Among those features are:

  • Constant real-time temperature monitoring
  • Visual and audio alarms, for both high and low temperatures, configurable per silo
  • Full temperature history
  • Built on cutting-edge technology, the user interface is based entirely on HTML5 and works in any modern browser, including smartphones and tablets and accesible through LAN / internet
  • Easy to extend due to its scalable design
  • Integration with TPLC
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USB-232-OPTO is an optoisolated USB to RS232 converter based on PL2303HX. Thanks to its on-board DC-DC converter it doesn't require any additional power supply, but is completely USB bus-powered. Its small form factor and low price make it ideal for an engineer's laptop as well as for industrial computers where interface isolation is a must. It supports baud rates of up to 128kbps and features the following signals: TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS.
Drivers for most operating systems are available at Prolific web site .

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If you often work with devices which require TTL UART interface, it is highly recommended to use some kind of isolation to protect your PC and we have just the solution for you.

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TPLC-12-1 Programmable Logic Controller

TPLC-12-1 is a universal programmable logic controller designed for large DIN rail installations. Below are some of its features:

  • Up to 2048 opto-isolated inputs
  • Up to 2048 relay outputs.
  • Remote inputs / outputs via RS422 MODBUS
  • Remote analog inputs via RS422 MODBUS
  • Simple and intuitive GUI software for logical schematic creation, no programming skills needed
  • Graphical, animated visualization of the controlled process for the end user
  • Entirely web-based end user interface, working on any modern browser, allows for interaction from PC as well as from mobile devices such as phones and tablets
  • Integration with TTCS temperature control system
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