TAIO-15-1 module can provide any PLC system with one analog input and one analog output, both in the range of 0-10V and both isolated from the communication bus as well as from the input power supply.


  • Analog input:
    The analog input is hi-Z (100kOhm to GND) and can be read using the MODBUS “Read Input Registers” command where the register address is 0. 0V reads as 0 and 10V reads as 32767 or 7FFFh.
  • Analog output:
    The analog output provides a voltage level output of 0-10V and can be set using either one of the “Write Single Register” and “Write Multiple Registers” MODBUS commands where the register address is 0. A value of 0 produces 0V output voltage where 32767 or 7FFFh produces 10V.
  • Galvanic isolation:
    The module uses 2 DC-DC converters in order to provide 3 galvanicly isolated parts:
    • the 24V power supply input
    • the RS422 / 485 interface
    • the analog connectors
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