About us

Novitel Ltd consists of two divisions:

1. Our CCTV division provides services, concerning CCTV and security systems.

We are an importer, seller and manufacturer of various products, including CCTV cameras and DVRs, cables, video amplifiers and converters, industrial lighting, fire alarm and security system components. We also offer design and installation of CCTV, fire alarm and security systems.

2. Our industrial control division is specialized in development and manufacturing of equipment for industrial control and automation.

Our belief is that every customer should be treated not only as a potential buyer, but also as a collaborating partner, whose vision and ideas will help us create what they need. Having this said, we are mostly specialized in developing custom controllers based on our customers' specifications and requirements. We also do not hesitate to say no to a customer if we realize we are not their best option.

Apart from that, we also offer some more universal equipment like our universal programmable logic controller TPLC-12-1, which allows our customers to build large systems without the use of any programming skills.

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