Esp8266 2x2

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The ESP8266 2X2 module is WiFi, designed for DIN mounting, compatible with ESP Easy firmware, with integration for HOME ASSISTANT.
Communication to the Home assistant иis via the MQTT protocol.
Supports 2 relay outputs SPDT, + 2 inputs 220V AC - yes / no 220V AC.
With jumpers J1 and J2 both inputs can be switched as ground / dry contact inputs, at 3.3V level, and in case of refusal not to use inputs, the I2C protocol can be used.
The module supports the 1WIRE protocol as well as UART. possible integration for sensors:
1 WIRE DS18B20 - the number of sensors depends on the refresh time
UART CO2 sensor MX-Z 19
I2C SCD10 / 20/30, BMP / BME 280 - temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure

The module is powered by 12 V DC, 300 mA
The terminals GPIO4, GPIO5 and GPIO13 have 10k to 3.3V DC pull-up resistors.
The module is available with uploaded firmware for ESP8266, free, which is not subject to commercial relationships; the price includes only the hardware.
Any other firmware can be uploaded for ESP8266
. dimensions: DIN, x = 70 mm, y = 86 mm

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